Folding and gluing is the final step in the production process, both with POS and packaging materials. From the flat piece of material we create fully formed and firmly glued goods that are ready to be used.

The possibilities of our company in this field are enormous. By using BOBST  folder-gluer, we are able to produce packaging materials made of cardboard, solid board and corrugated board. We can produce boxes, trays, displays and other products up to 6 gluing points.

We also have substantial experience in manufacturing packaging products from BC corrugated board, which, because of its thickness  and inflexibility, is a very demanding substrate to be creased and glued.

Our state-of-art folder-gluer machine is able to dispense dispersive glue and hot glue. It is also equipped with Plasma Treater , which ensures maximum surface tension. In addition, the nozzles are positioned just before the gluing station inside the machine, guaranteeing complete, perfect treatment of the glue flaps. This approach is a major advantage for numerous applications, such as plastic film on solid board or plastic film on corrugated board. It has become indispensable for anyone wishing to produce packaging of the highest quality.

The gluing department is also equipped  with machines for two part and non-typical boxes and other products with irregular structures.