Die cutting

One  of the key aspect in our production process is die cutting.  Specially prepared tools for the die cutting machine cut and/or crease the sheet  to the final shape under  the pressure up to 300 tonnes.

Our machine park includes automatic Swiss BOBST machines which are leading in the market. Such equipment allows us to cut a full range of corrugated boards, from N-type micro-corrugated board to the strong  almost 9mm BC corrugated board, 5500 sheets per hour.  At the same time the format of our cutting machines can be adjusted to the format of offset machines and also allows us to cut sheets in XL format.

Power Register system ensures that work continues precisely It is our new sheet feeding system with sets of cameras , designed for corrugated boards. Whatever the position of the sheets , it corrects the alignment with extreme precision and guarantees perfect sheet register.  Thanks to the modern Bobst Expertcut die cutting line equipped with an automatic palletizer, pallets with products are ready for shipment. That effectively reduces costs of producing SRP packaging materials.

We are also a specialist in cutting and stamping special kinds of papers and corrugated boards.  Experience and professionalism of our  workers help us to achieve even the most elaborate projects.